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Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

What We Do

AMS offers complete end-to-end app development. We provide assistance detemining LoE, create an award winning designs, bring MVPs to market quickly, and even develop full stack large scale networked applications. Our experts will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.


iOS and iPadOS Development

Our developers have been working with iOS since the inception of the App Store, and have produced apps ranking in the top 10 for target keywords. Whether it's a game, federal case management system, or social network, we always outperform. In the hyper competitive app market, our expertise is the edge you need.


Android Development

The world’s most popular mobile OS offers many opportunities but also poses unique challenges due to the proliferation of hardware. Senior developers are able to minimize the difficulty posed to UI while utilizing the latest trends to support app creation no matter what stage of development.


Graphic Design & User Experience

In the mobile industry, user experience is paramount. Smart branding and a custom look can make your app stand out and create a memorable experience. Our design experts can provide a fresh look without additional programming complications.

Proudly Made In America

The United States has been the world leader of technological innovation for over fifty years, and continues to provide software and hardware that saves lives, enhances productivity, and shapes culture around the globe.

Give your business the advantage of American legacy and experience. American Mobile Solutions never outsources, and staffs itself exclusively with the most qualified American citizens. Our developers have been in the mobile space from the very first days of iOS and Android, and in some cases even the nascent days of feature phones and Blackberry.

Featured Work

See how AMS’ expert developers have helped our clients create amazing mobile solutions.

American Mobile Solutions surpassed all of our expectations and delivered an incredible product.
Mathias Dutil
Map My Work, LLC